Sunday, November 7, 2010

anyone seen john's tooth?

this is john 3rd tooth that has "fallen out" with the help of daddy. the tooth fairy left john $1 and a new tooth pillow for his future losses.
with one tooth gone the other is about to fall out. i have a feeling ol' bucky bucktooth will be around for our grand entrance back to las cruces.

needless to say john was excited to have his tooth out.

loverly tea party

a little known fact about adelynn is that she LOVES tea parties. at any given moment you might be in the midst of an impromptu tea party. john is an amazing tea party guest. he makes sure that there always is enough food and peach tea.
this year we finally got around to having a birthday party for adelynn.
the theme...... A Loverly Tea Party
we had 4 of adelynn's closest friends over for a girly yet proper southern Tea Party. here are a few photos of the event.

john an adelynn in an impromptu Tea Party in our drive way.

the table scape for adelynn's birthday party.

real monogrammed cloth napkins with real glass plates and cups.
only the best for this Tea Party. : )

when the guest arrived we "had" to make sure that their nails were properly painted. : )

proper drying technique

then dressed in the finest Tea Party attire.

i had chosen a really pretty blue silk dress for addie with a white shawl. but that wouldn't do at all. everything had to be pink, from head to toe.

once everyone was dressed the Tea Party could start. our menu included nutella sandwiches, cheese sticks and red grapes. the drink was white cranberry - strawberry "tea".

my attempt to make a tea cup cupcake.

adelynn had a blast. it was the calmest, quietest and sweetest party i have ever been to. very different then a certain 6 year old boy's birthday parties.


Saturday, November 6, 2010

john's first day of school

I know the semester is almost over but I was about to post fall pics and realized I hadn't even posted first day of school pics. I think I posted most of these on FB so it's not like you haven't seen them already. just have to keep things in order. : )

photo bomber

john was SO excited about his first day of school.

then that moment past and reality set in. : ) just kidding he still LOVES school

daddy was post call but luckily he was able to meet us at school.

getting acquainted with his cubby

nervous smile.

waiting for "Don" with Sally Fwins a lot

leaping off the bus. which so far he enjoys riding home.

john was very excited to tell adelynn all about his first day of school.

Friday, July 30, 2010

john's 6th birthday


the birthday celebration started by john receiving birthday money so off to walmart we went were he bought a lego zurg and rex doll from the movie toy story. he and addie are obsessed with toy story at the moment. we almost had a toy story bday party but clone wars and spider ham won the battle. what????? you don't know who spider ham is???........... neither did i until a year ago. spider ham is the swine equivalent to spider man.
next year i am making sure john chooses a theme that is all purchasable. period!!!
here are some pics that document the festivities.

rex watching john put the zurg lego action figure together.

john and rex were excited to have a new toy to play with.
john still sleeps with rex, zurg and buzz light year (which was a big hit when he received it at his party.)

and so the party celebrations begins.......

homemade spider ham cupcakes.

homemade spider ham bath bomb (for the party favors)

homemade marshmallow spider ham popsicle, after this pic was taken i added the eyeballs, which was just a bit of white choc.

guests of the birthday bash

john was non to happy about being sung too........

addie chloe, dilon and carter. our dear dear friends

real men eating light saber popsicles

church friends. me, carrie, julia and caroline (aka mrs. carolina)

good friends robyn and jason eckel

good friend moriah with her new baby, levi

john's already a ladies man.

ta da da DA!!!!!!!!!!! BUZZ LIGHTYEAR TO THE RESCUE!!!!!!

star wars lego set. if you don't know john LOVES!!!!!!!! legos.
i, on the other hand am not to keen on digging through the nastiness of our bagless vacuum rescuing pieces that have been vacuumed up.

everyone relaxing at the pool

john shooting out of the slide. he literally could spend all day going down this slide.

sweet friends. lilliana, hannah, jordan, chloe and john

dan going off the high dive.

john jumping off the high dive.

this is not something that john chooses to do at the pool. thank goodness for parent pressure :/

addie loves hanging out in her ducky puddle jumper life jacket.
best $15 i ever spent........... for the pool.

family pool pic.

see that lifeguard in the background.... he was in 8th grade when i taught photography..... trevor is now a sophomore in college...... *DISLIKE*

addie was pooped out at the end of the day
too much cupcakes and sun

john was showing off his party tshirt. it was nice and white when the party started. why use napkins when you have a perfectly good tshirt to wipe your hands.

the next morning, after the party, i found that john had gotten a sharpie and made buzz officially "JOHN'S TOY"

i celebrated the end of the party by going to see eclipse with my 2 best friends. robyn and moriah